5th Birthday Quiz

Posted by James Saunders on March 20th, 2008

Today is a momentous occasion because it is the 5th year this blog has been running on my JLSNet Website! Over these past 5 years the blog has evolved from being a simple log of my university project to what it is today, a collection of random geeky projects, special events and other assorted ponderings.

Just for fun I am going to start a little quiz to try and encourage people to read back through my blog. There are 5 questions (one for each year of this blogs life), the first person to post all the correct answers, along with supporting URL links, in the comments below will win a special prize!

1) What is the closing quote at the bottom of my very first blog entry?
2) What was I doing to avoid studying for my Theoretical Computer Science B Exam?
3) What are my feelings towards travelling on the London Underground Trains?
4) On what date did Claire post her first entry to this blog?
5) How many people voted “YES” for Craig to have his Dreadlocks cut off?

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The blog has had its up’s and down’s with varied spurts of lots of entries followed by dry seasons of silence. Of late I have neglected the blog a little, it has been pushed aside in favour of one of my more recent hobbies which is researching my family history and finding out about my ancestors (aka Genealogy). However, I have realised that this blog, in a way, may become my legacy for future descendants of mine who want to know about me and what I have done… Huuurm scary, what does my blog say about me?!

“Pleas’d look forward, pleas’d to look behind, and count each birthday with a grateful mind.” –Alexander Pope

3 Responses to “5th Birthday Quiz”

  1. Ricky Moorhouse Says:

    1.“You Either Love it or Hate it - Marmite!” –Marmite Advert
    2. playing with XML
    3. you HATE the Underground
    4. 12th August 2006
    5. 29

    3rd attempt

  2. James Saunders Says:

    Congratulations to Ricky who got all the answers correct to the blogs 5th birthday quiz!

    prize… on the way…

  3. Ricky Moorhouse Says:

    Thank you for the prize!!!

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