Why do all DVD movies have two disks these days?

Posted by James Saunders on April 13th, 2005

Is it just me or does anyone actually watch or find anything of interest on the second disk that comes with nearly every DVD movie these days? It seems that everyone and their mum is bringing out “special edition two-disk set” movies! I would personally prefer it if they left out the second DVD and reduced the cost. In my experience the second disk usually contains a few photos, some more credits, a tribute to Aunt Nelly, adverts for the movie computer game, if you are lucky some out-takes and a whole other version of the same film with the director/actors talking over it…which is another thing! That whole movie commentary thing, ’tis a nice idea but I have never felt the need to sit through the exact same movie again with people talking over it. These things are there to look like ‘value-add’ but I am onto the movie makers - I know their game! Well… that was a funny Jimbo rant! - I just wanted to get it off my chest! Who knows maybe it is just me who is getting old and becoming Scrooge like, everyone may love 2 disk DVD’s, but if I don’t say anything I may never find out if there is anyone else with the same weight on their mind!

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2 Responses to “Why do all DVD movies have two disks these days?”

  1. HamerTime76 Says:

    I must admit, I bought Ray on DVD recently and I’ve watched every single minute of extras…. I guess it depends how much you like the film! Most of the time, I wouldnt even bother taking the second disk out.

  2. dodgescabin Says:

    Your right to prefer just the film at a cheaper price although the second disc costs very little in the companies eyes it helps to justify the prices they charge.. Or does it? all the big companies fix the prices anyway.

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