Caring For You Website Finished

Posted by James Saunders on December 11th, 2004

Not a great deal of activity on the JLSNet front, I am currently still busy working on two other websites. I have just completed www.caringforyou.uk.com, and I am very proud of some clever programming I did which enables the creation of dynamic pages, without the use of ASP/PHP/CGI, from only plain HTML and JavaScript. It works by using a kind of ‘include file’ system and parameters passed in through the URL to automatically generate each static HTML page. The Caring For You site is also my first site coded without the use of tables for layout, but, entirly DIV’s and CSS! At Last!! Also played about with favicon.ico on my sites to assign an icon to the site when listed in browser favorites.

“The way to understand recursion is to understand recursion” –Peter A. Bromberg’s Grandmother

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